Gaye is a specialist in mixed media paint and ink taking her inspiration from the rainforests of Tamborine Mountain, Australia

Gaye has BA’s in Art, Education and Literature and is a full-time painter of local flora and fauna.

After living in the United States for half her life, Gaye chose Tamborine Mountain as her home and inspiration in 2004.

gaye-dell-artist“After being away for almost 30 years, everything Australian was both fascinating and inspiring and so flora and fauna remain my predominate subject matter.

Painting and drawing are my passion and more often than not there is an element of both in my work. I see the humour in our animals so I enjoy giving them a quirky personality as I see befits them.

I use mostly acrylic to handle the paint and colour with a mixture of precision and total abandonment.

Presently, I am toying with the use of palette knives as I want to convey the excitement I feel and it enables me to mix textured colour right on the canvas. The image generally appears before my eyes and I follow along, almost as an observer. I add layers of colour until the canvas indicate to me in no uncertain terms, it is finished.

I put the knife or brush or pen down and to my surprise (almost every time), it is!”

Gaye conducts a number of regular mini workshops on Tamborine Mountain, the variety not restricted to, but includes…

  • Basic combination of Image and Graphic Design
  • Basic Photography, including initial manipulation of images
  • A Rainforest outing to capture images, with a group critique of photographs
  • Simple cartooning and caricature techniques
  • Illustration using a variety of media
  • Writing for the masses on cards/personalisation
  • Construction of a simple card that can be reproduced commercially or within a home computer environment.

conducted by Gaye Dell


Gaye is offering a 4-day workshop that stimulates the artist in all of us using simple tools but spectacular locations.

She specialises in small groups to ensure not only a fun time, but an educational experience.

Each participant will leave the mountain (hopefully to return soon) with a feeling of serenity, a smile and a framed piece of art they have created.

Fun learning in a one-on-one & group environment..

Creative play & sharing
Critical visualisation
Art practise & development
A take-home framed, personally created piece of art

Availability (Months)

Some samples of Gaye’s work..

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